A Physical Therapy Program for      
Breast Cancer Recovery

Laura Cavallo

Laura Cavallo, Physical Therapist, Breast Cancer Recovery

Coverage Physical Therapist

Laura Cavallo, PT, DPT, was first introduced into the Full Circle family in August 2010 as a covering physical therapist while Diana was on maternity leave, and is now a part-time physical therapist on the program’s staff. 

Previously she worked for six years at Mercy Hospital in Rockville Centre, New York, where her responsibilities included treating adults with a variety of orthopedic and neurological diagnoses, treating infants in the neonatal intensive care unit, and performing evaluative screens on pediatric patients to make sure they achieved the appropriate milestones. During that time she also worked as a per diem physical therapist for a number of outpatient orthopedic clinics.

In addition to her work with Full Circle, Laura is an adjunct faculty member with the physical therapy program at Stony Brook University, where her focus is manual-based orthopedics, soft tissue techniques, and therapeutic exercises. She also holds a per diem position with Winthrop Hospital Home Care—likewise on Long Island—where she evaluates and treats infants in their homes after they are discharged from the NICU.

Laura earned her doctorate in physical therapy from Stony Brook University in 2006, graduating with honors. Her Bachelor of Science degree is from the University of Richmond, from which she graduated in 2000. Over the years she has continued to pursue her education through a number of pediatric and manual therapy-based orthopedic continuing-education courses.