A Physical Therapy Program for      
Breast Cancer Recovery

"When I first started at Full Circle, Diana helped relieve all the tightness I had as a result of a double mastectomy. During this time I needed therapy for a frozen shoulder. Diana and all of the physical therapists at Full Circle were amazing. They are THE most caring group of people I have ever dealt with.... I now leave all of them feeling sad that I won't see them, but feeling great physically and mentally, knowing I can get back to living my life."


"After suffering with a frozen shoulder when I had a mastectomy 20 years ago, and being in severe pain for over a year after, I knew that this time around I would do anything I could to alleviate that problem. When I had my second mastectomy/reconstruction, my plastic surgeon referred me to Diana at Full Circle PT. After just two visits, I was pain-free and on the road to a full recovery. Diana, you are a gifted physical therapist, and your extensive knowledge of the specific treatment required for breast cancer patients was a blessing in my recovery.... In just two months I was whole again! I have full use of my arm and have absolutely no pain in my breast. I hear others speaking of the painful recovery after breast/reconstruction surgery and I can honestly say that with your help that was something I never experienced. I wish that all breast cancer surgery patients would realize that pain does not have to be a ‘normal’ part of the recovery process. Thanks, Diana—you are truly my ‘angel’ and I will be forever grateful to you for giving me my life back."


"My sincerest thank you for all you have done for me. I will always remember you for your many kindnesses extended to me and tremendous effort to help me. Please know that even though we might not have reached the goal you strived for, your caring heart helped me heal much more than the effects of my radiation treatment."


"When I came to you for physical therapy I was uncomfortable, in pain, and my arm was compromising my life. I was in despair, really. You acknowledged my problems and concerns. You gave me back what cancer took from me: my life, physically and emotionally."


"Physical therapy is a must! I cannot imagine going through my surgeries without the expert and compassionate care I received from Full Circle. Two years after my surgery, my physical therapist, Diana, is still available to me to answer questions and give advice. I am so thankful to have her in my life!"


"Physical therapy with Diana has eased my discomfort and pain. She knows her stuff and is well educated and pushes me to my limits and sometimes beyond. Without her services at Full Circle I don't feel I would be able to move as freely, with less restrictions and tightness. You are the BEST! Thanks for your ongoing assistance."


"Diana is a compassionate, highly skilled professional. She has worked with me to establish goals and create a personalized program for me as a breast cancer patient. She worked closely with my doctor [to ensure] my progress. Physical therapy with Diana includes stretching and strengthening exercises to help with range of motion and manual therapy to help break up scar tissue.... She has taught me an exercise program I am able to continue at home, which I believe is definitely beneficial as part of my treatment and recovery.... Diana is a very considerate person who truly cares about her patients. I admire her kindness and compassion."


"Limited mobility, range of motion loss of strength, and tightness in my chest area led me to PT. After going for my treatment I was able to resume all of my activities. If it weren't for PT that never would have occurred."


"Even four years out, I still believe I feel the effect of surgery and radiation when I have missed a week or two of exercise, with tightness in my shoulder and chest. I can't imagine what my life have been like if I had not pursued PT. Both physically and mentally, PT helped me through the year following my diagnosis and was instrumental in getting me back to my life."


"Diana and her program have been a blessing to me. After surgery I had very limited range of motion. Diana had me out throwing softballs to my daughter before I knew it. I could not have gotten to this point on my own. The combination of therapeutic work Diana does on me and the exercise program really works! After my radiation and additional surgeries I have had more setbacks, but I am back with Diana now and am fully confident she will have me back up and going before long. Full Circle is more than just a program for women with breast cancer; it is the confidence of knowing you have a dedicated physical therapist who goes above and beyond and honestly cares for each and every patient."


"More surgeons need to be made aware of Diana and Laura's expertise. I'm extremely fortunate to have come across Full Circle, and know that my physical progress has everything to do with this program. Emotional, too."


"Don't think I could manage any type of movements without Diana. This place is a blessing."


"I recommend this program. It is good for the body, mind, and soul."